Why Us?

Why choose us for Financial Planning in Canning Value WA

We aim to provide you with the greatest possible advice and service, there are many things we do that stand us out:

  • We help with the messy and difficult task of superannuation rollover and consolidation. Clients are surprised how much they have accrued in superannuation when the policies are combined
  • We’ll help you or your next of kin with all insurance / superannuation claims. We’ll be there in the unfortunate event you or your next of kin need to claim
  • Our business philosophy was created with a long term vision for our client’s financial welfare. Unlike bank or corporate financial planners, we won’t be switching branches or changing companies, all our staff are long term and genuinely care about our clients.

When advice can help

  • You’ve been made redundant or are changing jobs
  • You have a portfolio and you’re looking to build a strategy or plan
  • You don’t have the time of knowledge to manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis
  • You’ve received an inheritance, windfall or some lump sum
  • You’re new to investing and want to turn your savings into investments
  • You’ve a complex financial situation
  • You’re nearing retirement
  • You want to make sure your family is protected if something happens to you or your partner
  • You’re getting a divorce, or have suffered the death of your partner
  • You’re starting a new business
  • You’re planning a major life change such as marriage, having a family or moving house

The six step financial planning process

Step 1 - Gather financial data
So we can fully understand your current financial situation, we gather as much information as possible including details on your income, debt level and other commitments.

Step 2 - Identify your goals
Make sure you clearly define your needs and goals at your first meeting with a financial adviser.

Step 3 - Identify any financial issues
By considering your current financial situation and understanding your goals, a financial adviser will identify any deficiencies between where you are now and where you want to be.

Step 4 - Preparing your financial plan
Your financial adviser will identify and compare recommended investments and address your attitude to risk.

Step 5 - Implementing your financial plan
When you’re ready to implement your plan, a financial adviser will show you how to put your plan into action.

Step 6 - Reviewing and revising your plan
For most people, their financial plan is the start of a long-term relationship with their financial adviser. To ensure your plan stays up-to-date and relevant to the economic climate and your changing lifestyle and goals, you should:

  • review it annually
  • keep an eye on your investments
  • review the advice with your adviser if major changes occur in your circumstances

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